Increases the hair growth speed.  200ml No parabens Silicone-free Free of salts and sulphates Cruelty free Made with glacier water With seaweed With sandal


Velvety hair. Silk Treatment. 100ml No parabens Free of salts and sulphates Made with glacier water Special with velvety hair


Treatment for fine hair. Redensifies the hair fibre. Triples hair thickness, strength and resistance. New generation of hair cosmetics. Activates hair thickness. Incorporates concentrated Marine Collagen.Provides greater hair density to recover the volume of hair affected by ageing and environmental aggressions. No parabens Silicone-free Free of salts...


Treatment to repopulate all types of beards, with activating effect. 200ml No parabens Silicone-free Free of salts and sulphates Made with glacier water Cruelty free Bale Densifier
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The word "treatment" refers, among other meanings, to the way or means used to cure or alleviate a disease, or to the way of working on certain materials to achieve a purpose.

In our field, hair health and beauty care, treatments are of fundamental importance. It is enough to keep this purpose in mind.

If we take care that our hair is healthy, we will also make it more beautiful. That goes without saying. And we can also take care to enhance its beauty. We know how to do that.

Even more, if we feel that we look good, that our look is healthy, our self-image improves, our confidence increases, our mood is more positive, we even feel more energetic and, in short, we feel better.

So, is it worth treating our hair well? Of course it is! Just to help us feel good (just?!), it is justified. Now we only need to decide which type of hair treatment is the one that each of us needs.


What matters is getting exactly the treatment your hair needs.

As beauty industry moves, so is the world of hair treatments constantly evolving. It is no longer just about moisturising or repairing, but about special care and precise diagnostics to find out exactly what your hair needs.

Ideas that were not so long ago associated with revitalising the face are now being linked to our hair. Thus, Collagen, lifting or botox as treatments to achieve an anti-ageing effect on the skin are also used for hair care.

New terms are also emerging (nanonutrient treatments, molecular regeneration) and others are being rescued from tradition and adapted to the contemporary world (Cleopatra's candle therapy).

Some may be familiar to you, some may not, but remember: the final goal is to find the right hair treatment for you. And you, aware of the care and beauty in your hair, feeling more confident, feeling good.


Your hair is fine, and you would like to feel it with more vigour, more volume, more consistency. You can do it. You just need to encourage to do it, to give it that extra joy it needs.

At Kyara Lambert we know how to do it. We have the tool that will lead you to the desired result.

We have called it Redensifying Treatment x 3, and its name is fully justified. With its help you will triple the density of your hair, increase its diameter, and give it vitality, volume and strength.

Its high concentration of marine collagen contributes to the normal formation of the hair's structural fibres, recovering it and giving it that nerve that you are missing.

And always following our idea of using natural products, of the best quality, and a natural and sustainable elaboration.

Thus, this treatment is free of parabens, silicones, does not contain salts or sulphates, has been formulated with glacier water, and has followed our "cruelty free" maxim.


You want your hair to grow faster. You're not just looking for a hair growth treatment. You like to try new cuts, new hairstyles, and now you feel you need your hair to grow faster.


Our Booster hair x 2 treatment does just that: it doubles the speed of hair growth, strengthens hair and slows down hair loss.

Yes, seriously, it doubles the speed. The treatment is formulated with seaweed extracts (pelvetia canaliculata and laminaria digitata) that act on the scalp and hair, nourishing the hair bulb and promoting the generation of new cells.

The superficial peripheral circulation is improved and sandalore helps to activate growth b lengthening the anagen phase of the hair.

And also paraben-free, silicone-free, salt- and sulphate-free, cruelty-free, with seaweed, sandalore and formulated with glacier water.

You already know. Kyara Lambert cares for your hair health and the scalp's immune defences. Rest assured in your brand: we are thinking about your health and your beauty.


Yes, no doubt. Beautiful, eye-catching, stylish, attractive, beautiful hair... You've heard that before. But... erotic? What does erotic hair look like? Is it that big a deal? Yes, it is. Let's take it one step at a time.

Whether your hair is short or long, wavy, curly or straight, it's hard to achieve the optimal balance of moisture that hair needs to stay frizz-free. How would you like to have a velvety hair that feels like silk? It is possible.


Erotic Hair is an amazing moisturising anti-frizz treatment that instantly protects and repairs hair. Nullifies thermal frizz. It cares for and restores your bleached, damaged or tangled hair, leaving it silky and shiny.

Yes, it doesn't just protect: it beautifies, beckons and attracts. It turns your hair into a protective and repairing caress that will make you feel unique. Its sweet fragrance and the velvety feel it gives your hair will captivate you. You will feel more seductive and sexy.

Experience this sensation. Enjoy your Erotic Hair.
And, like Kyara Lambert's partners, it is paraben-free, salt-free, sulphate-free, formulated with glacier water, cruelty-free and vegan.


Monkey Face is a treatment to help repopulate all types of beards, thanks to its activating effect, which stimulates the hair root. Its complete formula helps to generate new cells as a result of the effective vitamin-enriched complex it contains.

It redesigns the facial architecture, this is, it allows you to model at will the appearance of your face, thanks to the increase of facial hair, which you distribute as you prefer. Thanks to our beard densifier, you are now closer to having a cute monkey face.


This treatment, remember, is by Kyara Lambert and therefore paraben-free, silicone-free, free of salts and sulphates, cruelty-free and formulated with glacier water.

Like all Kyara Lambert products, it is based on our Probiotic Hydrogenesis, a technology based on the contribution of natural probiotics on the skin that promotes a healthy microbiome in the hair dermis that helps hair regain its natural properties.


Hair is constantly exposed to external factors that affect it. Some are natural, such as solar radiation, salt from the beach and dry environments. Others are artificial: the use of hair dryers, heating, other heat instruments, chlorine...

All of them deteriorate the hair, taking away its shine and hydration. To combat all this, give it extra hydration: it will recover its elasticity and beauty.

This extra is our hair moisturising treatment, Kyara Lambert's Super-Moisturising Shampoo for dry and very damaged hair, which washes the hair, repairs it and neutralises its dehydration.

Its formula full of natural active ingredients and the antioxidant action of Vitamin C prevent the formation of free radicals and prevent premature ageing. Wild Orchid extract restores shine, elasticity and natural beauty to hair. Goodbye to frizz.

And, like its Kyara Lambert companions, it is paraben-, salt- and sulphate-free, formulated with glacier water, cruelty-free and vegan.


Greasy hair has an oily or greasy appearance because excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands at the root of the hair produces more oil than normal.

Oil is necessary to protect the hair, but excess oil leads to sebaceous lipogenesis, which gives the hair a dirty and unkempt appearance.

Kyara Lambert's greasy hair treatment is called Anti-Grease Regulator Shampoo: it regulates excess sebum by effectively controlling its secretion, with a concentrated formula of anti-seborrhoeic and anti-perspirant active ingredients that balance it progressively, from the first application.

It incorporates drying micro-particles that absorb grease. No rebound effect. Hair is left loose, fluffy and voluminous.

And you know: No parabens, no silicones, no rebound effect, vegan and cruelty free. Based on Probiotic Hydrogenesis. It's from Kyara Lambert.


A reconstructive treatment, especially for dry and very damaged hair, of formidable effectiveness, is Kyara Lambert's Nourishing-Definitive Mask.

It regenerates and restores the damage caused to the hair, giving it maximum hydration, with its formula rich in natural active ingredients.

Glycosaminoglycans contribute to the formation of sclero-protein fibres that repair the hair.

Wild Orchid extract restores shine, elasticity and natural beauty to the hair and prevents annoying frizz.

Like all Kyara Lambert products, remember, it is based on our Probiotic Hydrogenesis, a technology based on the contribution of natural probiotics on the scalp that promotes a healthy microbiome in the hair dermis that helps hair recover its natural properties.

Paraben free, silicone free, salt free, sulphate free, vegan, cruelty free and formulated with glacier water.


Dandruff is one of the most common hair problems, affecting both men and women.

If you are tired of dandruff in your hair, dryness, irritation and itching, our anti-dandruff shampoo will restore healthy, clean, shiny hair and relieve the unpleasant feeling.

Our Dandruff Eliminator washes and removes dry or greasy dandruff. Its formula with active ingredients Piroctone Olamine and Zinc Pyrithione progressively eradicates dandruff.

It does this from the very first application and reduces sebum secretion: it effectively peels the scalp and hair, immediately releasing dandruff postholes.

Whether due to stress, hormonal or environmental problems, mycosis, allergies or other causes, you can remove those ugly seborrhoeic flakes from your hair, which make dermatitis more visible and accentuate the greasy, unflattering appearance.

Use our effective treatment with confidence - there's no rebound effect. You deserve relief and improved hair health.

It's 400 ml paraben-free, silicone-free, vegan, unisex, with piroctone olamine and zinc pitirione, cruelty-free and formulated with glacier water. Of course, from Kyara Lambert.


Stress, genetic, hormonal, environmental factors, habits, allergies and other factors favour alopecia in both men and women.

Our Booster hair treatmentis a complete anti-hair loss, stimulating, growth accelerator and detoxifier. It doubles the speed of hair growth and strengthens hair.

It is formulated with seaweed extracts: the nourished hair bulb encourages the generation of new cells. This improves peripheral circulation and sandalore extends the anagen phase of the hair's life.

For thin and delicate hair, or hair that is in poor health, weakened due to medical treatment or any other circumstance, for hair that is prone to hair loss, it is a reliable accomplice.

Like all our products, it is free of parabens, silicones, salts and sulphates, cruelty free, formulated with glacier water, and in this case, with sandalore and seaweed extract.

We are attentive, as it cannot be otherwise at Kyara Lambert, to the latest discoveries and advances in hair cosmetics, and this does not distract us, but rather reaffirms us, in our line of preserving what is natural and good.

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